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NOLO Press   

Login Instructions: The site will ask you for state abbreviation and password. Enter your two-letter state abbreviation as indicated and the first four letters of your county of residence as the password. Example: CA / Humb

Nolo Press by EBSCO is an online e-book system specifically for use by non-attorneys and self-represented litigants. It offers necessary tools, forms, and detailed "how-to" instructions covering a wide-range of legal issues.

More than 200 full-text publications are made available for public use 24/7. Click on the e-Books.


Divorce (Part 1)

Divorce Petition and Disclosures

Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Response to Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Civil Harassment Restraining Order

Civil Harassment Restraining Order Response

Elder Abuse Restraining Order Petition

Elder Abuse Restraining Order Response

Name Change Petition

Small Claims

Request for Order   

Guardianship Petition

Fee Waiver Petition for Guardianship

Parentage Response

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California Official Reports - Find Cases Now


This Official Reports Web site is intended to provide public access to California´s precedential appellate decisions. 


There is no charge to search, retrieve or save documents from the California Official Reports Web site, and there is no copyright on opinion text. 

Though any individual can research, review and copy the opinions found here, the information is not intended to replace professional legal consultation or online legal-research services.

Caution: Only the printed bound volumes of the United States Reports contain the final, official opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States. In case of discrepancies between a bound volume and the materials included here--or any other version of the same materials, whether print or electronic, official or unofficial--the printed bound volume controls.

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